EVAC - Live at The Bottleneck (2003)




EVAC - Live at the Bottleneck (Lawrence, Kansas) 2003

Track listing:

1. Dub
2. Softly
3. Opium
4. Foley (demo mix)
5. Sample & Hold
6. Ruff Future
7. Thrush (demo mix)
8. Elektro
9. Ending an Era

This was our hardware live set circa 2003. Basically the second version of our early live hardware show that started around 2002. The first set was lost to the ages in an incident involving a fried Alesis MMT-8 and a blown breaker/sound system at a bar in Lawrence KS. So we went back to the drawing board and wrote this. . .We played variations of this show for about a year before implementing computers and new tunes into the gigs.

Created using 2 Korg Electribes (ER-1 & ES-1), Access Virus kb, Yamaha RM1X, Alesis Wedge, Pioneer CDJ-1000, and a Mackie 1402. The set includes 2 pre-recorded tunes I was working on at that time (Foley & Thrush) - Aside from that it was all created & performed on the hardware.


released March 5, 2003

Written, produced, performed, and mixed by Jeremy Goldstein & Ed Hickey at Quadrant Five Studios, Lawrence KS. (2003)



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